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Hi there! Glad to see you here. In this post i will be explaining in as much details as possible what the MARJOSE REWARDS PROGRAM is all about.

Well, i assume and believe that at this stage of multiple and countless online shopping malls, sites and even small businesses - only a newbie will say he or she hasn't heard of a loyalty or rewards system. With that in mind, Let me explain what our rewards program is all about. So a loyalty or rewards program in general term could be defined as structured marketing strategies designed by merchants to encourage customers to continue to shop at or use the services of businesses associated with each program.These programs exist covering most types of business, each one having varying features and rewards schemes. These schemes are targeted on retaining customers and as well as giving back to them with the aim of building a good and solid relationship with customers. Nevertheless there are different types of rewards or loyalty systems which i would love to explain in a few words.  We have :

  • 1. Points Loyalty / Rewards Program
  • 2. Tiered Loyalty / Rewards Program
  • 3. Fee-Based Loyalty / Rewards Program
  • 4. Cash Back Loyalty / Rewards Programs
  • 5. Coalition Loyalty / Rewards Program

  • 1. Points Loyalty / Rewards Program :

    With a points program, customers earn points for transactions, engagement, or visits and can redeem points for rewards. Many points programs are starting to reward non-transactional behavior including downloading a mobile app, subscribing to an e-newsletter, liking a page on Facebook, etc. You may find that a points program works best for high-frequency purchases or interactions. Lancome Southwest Airlines,Walgreens, GameStop, and Dick’s Sporting Goods use this loyalty / Rewards model.
  • 2. Tiered Loyalty / Rewards Program:

  • A tiered loyalty program provides both immediate gratification with short-term attainable rewards and long-term aspirational rewards. In a recent loyalty study, 50% of respondents said they increased their spending or changed other purchasing behavior in order to achieve a higher tier status in a rewards program. The key to a successful tiered program is communication. Members need to know the program benefits, their current status and how close the are to earning additional benefits. You may be familiar with Chicos , Zapoos and Starbucks Rewards, all use  tiered loyalty programs.
  • 3. Fee-Based Loyalty / Rewards Programs:

  • A fee-based loyalty program has the promise of “you get what you pay for”.  They appeal to customers that are highly committed. The customers have done the math that if they pay to join the program, they will at least break even or potentially get rewarded for what they already planned to spend. In a 2015 loyal study,  65% of American consumers stated that relevant rewards are worth paying for.  Of the respondents who already participate in fee-based loyalty programs, 69% said they were enticed by free shipping, followed closely by special discounts at 67% of respondents. Walmart, AMC Theaters, American Express, Indigo, Restoration Hardware, and Amazon are using this loyalty model. Lets talk a little about Amazon’s Fee-Based Loyalty Program In February 2005, Amazon launched Amazon Prime — an all-you-can-eat express shipping membership program for about a million products. Amazon Prime’s 63 million members now make up more than half the online retailer’s customer base according to a Consumer Intelligence Research Partners study.

    Why is the program so successful? The Prime loyalty program changes customer behavior. “When a customer becomes a Prime member, they do step up their purchases considerably,” according to Amazon Chief Financial Officer Tom Szkutak. Not surprising. When a customer shells out $99 for an annual membership, they’re going to spend the rest of the year trying to get their moneys worth for that purchase.

    4.Cash Back Loyalty Programs:

  • Cash back rewards programs are easy to understand, create, and maintain. The value proposition is simple — spend $X and get $Y. Companies like JCpenny Macy’s, Bank of America and CVS Pharmacy are using cash back reward programs to reduce their churn rates and increase transaction amounts.
  • 5. Coalition Loyalty Programs:

  • A coalition loyalty program is a loyalty program operated by more than one business and the customer data is collected in a shared customer database. Some examples include Plenti, Upromise, and the Canadian-based Air Miles program. American Express launched the Plenti coalition loyalty program in 2015 with AT&T, ExxonMobil, Macy’s, Nationwide, Rite Aid, Direct Energy and Hulu as the sponsors of the program.


    This brings us back to our initial topic. Madera Rewards program is a typical points based rewards program. This reward program is simply our way of giving back to the customers we have and letting them they are special and highly valued customers. There are 3 main reasons why we established this system .
  • 1.Making our Customers Happy : Sure, the benefits we offer in our loyalty rewards program may not have any effect on the goods or services that we offer our customers each and every day. That being said, our initiative of providing additional rewards for our most loyal customers sets our business apart from other, non-participating companies. By implementing a loyalty rewards program, we are sending a message to our current and future client base that we are interested in not only making money off of purchases, but also in a relationship with customers that is mutually beneficial. We sell goods and services, although we attach benefits solely for the benefit of the customer.
  • 2. Growing Our Business: Of course, each type of loyalty program may yield wildly different results, but we should never overlook the fact that loyalty programs have been tested time and time again, and have proven to be successful in numerous industries, MARJOSE will be no different case. In fact, the “growth hacker” movement, a recent collection of marketing gurus and regular business owners whose sole aim is the growth of the company, began by using loyalty programs as their traditional model to expand a company. These individuals allocated all of their energy towards growing their business, and saw customer loyalty as one of the easiest ways to ensure this outcome.
    • 3. Customer Retention: This act of goodwill will improve the overall outlook of our customers, which will ultimately have a positive impact on our business. That being said, once we have a rewards program set up, it effectively becomes a self-sustaining machine, due to its cyclical nature: the more a client purchases, the more rewards he or she receives, thus inspiring him or her to continue purchasing. And Continuously updating the rewards will keep our customers engaged, but the work it takes to perform this will be overshadowed by the growth your company experiences. Here at MARJOSE, our rewards system is a simple points based system. We award points once some certain requirements or challenges are met. A few ways you can earn points on MARJOSE are:
    • Signing Up: Creating an account on MARJOSE gives you an automatic 1500 points
    • Point Per Purchase: Whenever you purchase an item points are credited according to the price of your item. Example, you purchase an item worth PHP2000, you also get 2000 points.
    • Referral Program: This is the interesting part of this point based system. The referral program is a simple gateway for you to continue earning points on MARJOSE and you could find yourself shopping without cash! YES
    • You also earn points on your birthdays, holiday gifts and bonuses that might be awarded to you

    You might be asking, "How can i spend these points i earn?"

    Well it pretty easy, Points are spent exclusively on  MARJOSE ENTERPRISE. You redeem your points for coupons which you will use while checking out o MARJOSE. when you open your rewards tab [ for computers - its located at the left side of your screen, for cell phones and tablets you can find this tab at the top of your page] Each coupons comes with a price [ a particular number of points needed to redeem that coupon ]. If you have sufficient points you can redeem a coupon. Coupons are used once and you will not be able to use it again. But, you might be wondering, i need to shop to get more points and thinking about a lot of ways to get more points. Well, i tell you today, you can earn points continuously on MARJOSE! YES! which is why i have to introduce to you - THE MARJOSE REFERRAL PROGRAM!


    We came up with this to add a little fun to your shopping experience. This referral program is a simple referral program that will help you earn points and eventually end up shopping without cash. YES! CASHLESS SHOPPING.

    How does it work?

    As a registered customer, you will be given a special link. This link will serve as your own unique link. You can share it on social media or anywhere inviting your friends to shop on MARJOSE. Now you might be asking "How do i gain?" . For every friend you invite who makes a purchase on MARJOSE [ any amount ] your account gets accredited with 2000 points. This is not one time, it is repetitive as long as they visit MARJOSE with your unique link. You can get your referral link by clicking on your "rewards'' tab.

    For more questions please see our FAQs SECTION or kindly CONTACT SUPPORT


    About the author:

    Odera Joseph is one of the Co-founders of MARJOSE ENTERPRISE. He is a Nigerian National, aged 22 and studies Information Technology at the Technological Institute Of The Philippines. He is also the chief web designer of MARJOSE website. See profile on Facebook



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